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Apr/13/2018 at 9:27

Dear Users,

As you all know, problems related to Payza really cause a lot of trouble and loss for members and DifBux. We have considered possibilities to make sure that the loss of members who invested through Payza is minimal, and also ensures the stability of DifBux.

We have received many support requests and questions related to Payza, and are also trying to offer the best solution. However, this does take time and it is not a problem that can be solved immediately.

We make this notice to let you know that we are working to find a solution, temporarily members who have invested through PM and Payeer will continue to work normally. The DifBux system has not been updated, ie the previous payment terms remain unchanged until we make the final decision, and make those changes on the system.

We will completely remove Payza from the system in the next few days, and will come up with a final solution, which may differ from the one we had previously.

Best regards,