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Jan/26/2018 at 19:16

Dear Users,

As you know Fixed Advertisements(orange ads) are provided by DifBux, and we have funded its fixed price over the past 7 months is $0.005/click for Standard members.

By providing DifPrize, Points and Medal Systems, we have given our members more benefits than any other website. In order to keep DifBux stable for long, we can not keep the fixed ad rates as above. But we will offer the best advertising rates for sponsors so that we can bring more ads to all our members.

In addition, we will soon add other forms of monetization to increase the income of members.

From now on, Fixed ads for Standard members will be worth $0.001/click. This change was planned from the beginning, simply this is just the right time for us to make the necessary change.

We would also like to share with you a bit about our development plans related to DifBux in the near future:

- We will soon release our own commercial PTC scripts with lots of attractive features and professional design services.
- We will also provide electronic currency exchange services, originally planned for Payza, Payeer, Perfectmoney, Advcash.
- There will be more money making websites in our system, but the operating model will be different from DifBux.

We come to provide stable income opportunities for all members, based on providing a variety of services to optimize profits.

Thank you for trusting and cooperating with us all the time and hope that we will be able to achieve more success in the future.

DifBux team
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